BISS Am. GCh. & BISS Can. Ch. Puckett's Super Charged


BISS Ch. Blackwing Superfine X Puckett's Beau Dazzle DD

OFA Hips Good / OFA Elbows Normal

OFA Cardiac Echo Doppler Clear / EIC Clear

ACVO Normal / Optigen B / Pure for Black


Bred by Maxine Puckett


Paxton has become my best friend, constant companion and a true, once in a lifetime dog.

Some of Paxtons exciting accomplishments include finishing his American Championship by going BISS, owner handled. Finishing his Grand Championship

with all majors, all owner handled, A Canadian Specialty BISS and 3 BOSS's, Receiving numerous AOM's including at The Westminster Kennel Club, The AKC National Specialty and The CKC National Specialty.

Paxton is stamping his quality on his puppies, look for them at upcoming specialties!


BISS CH Blackwing Superfine
OFA Good/Normal Black (By)
CH Blackwing Santee
Trendmaker's Tycoon
Trendmaker's Mugwump
Trendmaker's Traffic Jam
Blackwing Tally Ho
CH Dickendall Arnold
Blackwing Moonlight Bay
CH Blackwing Super Freak
CH Dickendall Arnold
CH Dickendalls Ruffy SH
Dickendalls A-Ha
Dickendall Buckstone Lily
CH Guideline's Master Card
CH Kai Den's Water Lily
Pucketts Beau Dazle Dd
OFA Good Black (by)
CH Pucketts Andre At Dickendall
CH Dickendall Arnold
CH Dickendalls Ruffy SH
Dickendalls A-Ha
Pucketts "Bunnie"Of Rosehill
Follytower Man O'War
Dickendall H Of Criner Hills
Pucketts Driften W Dasie
CH Tabatha's Drifter At Dickendall, JH
CH Dickendall Arnold
CH Tabatha's Valleywood Decoy
Seabrook Rose Ms Halle Berry
CH Balcroft's Key To The Future
Seabrook Thar She Blows


Photo at 2.5 years


~Paxtons impressive show career~

I want to sincerely thank all of the judges who have recognized and awarded Paxton in the show ring.

He is truly a once in a lifetime dog and I am so grateful for the amazing ride he has taken me on.

As a special, Paxton has over 20 specialty 'AOMS' and 'Select's' including JAM's at Westminster, the AKC Labrador Retriever Club National

and the Canadian Labrador Retriever Club National. He also has an AKC specialty BOB, a Canadian specialty BOB and three Canadian specialty BOSS's.


BOSSW - Shawnee Mission LRC - Breeder/Judge: Liz Martin (Clearcreek)

WD/BOW - Rapid City Kennel Club - Judge: LaMar Mathis - 2 points

WD/BOW - Rapid City Kennel Club - Judge: Jean Fournier - 2 points

WD/BOW - Northwest Arkansas Kennel Club Inc. Judge: Mr. Arley D Hussin - 2 points

WD - Town & Country KC - Judge: Mr. Richard M Chashoudian - 1 point

RWD - Nolan River Kennel Club Inc. - Judge: Mr. Sam Houston McDonald

WD (major) - Colorado Kennel Club Inc. - Judge: Mrs. Suzanne Dillin - 3 point major

1st 12-18 Blk Dog (class of 26 dogs) - LRC Potomac 2009 - Breeder/Judge: Mr. David Richard Craig (Davricard, England)

Mr. Craig's critique for Paxton:

"1. Harmon’s Pucketts Super Charged, lovely type, kind, gentle head with correct expression coming from correct length of muzzle, eye shape and dark brown eye colour, has a good double coat of the correct texture and a good tail which is clothed properly by the correct coat, presents an outline of a quality animal which he keeps on the move where he goes soundly."

WD - GV Kennel Club Inc. - Judge: Mary Ann Alston - 1 point

1st Open Blk - SNYKC - Breeder/Judge: Ms. Sharon Celentano (SharJam)

RWD (major) - Open Blk GFKC - Breeder/Judge: Mrs. Andrea Braxton Robertson (Accolade)

1st Open Blk - BCKC - Breeder/Judge: Ms. Susan Willumsen (Wilcare)

RWD (major) - JSLRC - Judge Ms. Connie Howard

WD - WCKC - Breeder/Judge: Ms Wendy McNaughton (Kazorp)- 3 point major

RWD (major) - MVKC - Breeder/Judge: Mrs. Betty Graham (Graemoor)

1st Open Black Dog - MVKC - Breeder/Judge: Ms. Lisa Weiss (Lobuff)

1st Open Black Dog - New England Sporting Group - Breeder/Judge: Mrs. Judy Chambers (Ghoststone)

RWD (major) - Mid Jersey LRC Supported - Breeder/Judge: Mrs. Andrea Braxton Robertson (Accolade)

2nd Open Black Dog (class of 34 dogs)- LRC Potomac 2010 - Breeder/Judge: Philippe Lammens (Misty Dreams, France)

Philippe Lammens critique for Paxton:

"2. Pucketts Super Charged: Another super black, qualities everywhere, super outline, very well proportioned, a real top dog."

WD/BOW/BOB (BISS) - Pioneer Valley LRC 2010 - Breeder/Judge: Barbara Gilchrist (Blackthorn) - 5 point major - New Amer. Champion

JAM - Pioneer Valley LRC 2010 - Judge: Beth Sweigart

JAM - Greater Boston LRC 2010 - Breeder/Judge: Mrs. Janet L. Farmilette (Mijan)

WD/BOW/BOS ~Eastern Ontario Lab Breeders Assoc. 2010 (Canadian Specialty) ~ Breeder/Judge: Barbara Gilchrist (Blackthorn) - 5 points

WD/BOW ~Eastern Ontario Lab Breeders Assoc. 2010 (Canadian Specialty) ~ Breeder/Judge: Sue Willumsen (Wilcare) - 5 points

Sue Willumsen's critique for Paxton:

Nicely balanced male. Nice shoulder and spring of rib. Lovely head and expression. Moved well up and down as well as around the ring. Very nice dog.

Select Dog/AOM - Jersey Skylands LRC 2011 - Judge: Ms. Elizabeth Muthard - (GC Major)

Select Dog - Jersey Skylands LRC 2011- Breeder/Judge: Mr. Manuel Queijeiro (Queijeiro, Mexico) - (GC Major)

Select Dog - SSKC - Breeder/Judge: Claire White-Peterson (Stonecrest) - (GC Major)

AOM - Pawcatuck River LRC 2011 - Breeder/Judge: Mr. Anthony Allen (Allenie, England)

AOM - Iroquois LRC 2011 - Breeder/Judge: Mr. Jean-Louis-Blais (Chablais, Canada)

BOS - MVKC - Breeder/Judge Michael Wiest (Beechcroft) - (GC Major)

Final Cut at Westminster KC 2011

AOM - LRC Greater Boston 2011 - Breeder/Judge: Patricia Block (Sumo)

AOM - LRC Greater Boston 2011 - Breeder/Judge: Guillermo Carrillo (Tequila)

RWD ~Eastern Ontario Lab Breeders Assoc. 2011 (Canadian Specialty) ~ Breeder/Judge: Mr. Jean-Louis-Blais (Chablais, Canada)

Mr. Jean-Louis' critique for Paxton:

Open Black Dog: 1) Pucketts Super Charged (374) A very good black boy . Not in his best jacket but still carrying enough harsh coat.

Very well balanced with correct angles front and rear that he uses well on the move. Very good head with soft expression.

Lovely neck flowing on good shoulders , solid top line and tail set right of the back. I like this dog very much. Finished Reserve Winners Dog.

AOM ~ Jersey Skylands LRC 2011 ~ Breeder/Judge: Mr. Jean-Louis-Blais (Chablais, Canada)

Select Dog ~ SNYKC ~ Breeder/Judge: Marion Lyons (Chocorua)  (GC Major)

Select Dog ~ SADC ~ Breeder/Judge: Michael Silva (Shadowbrook) (GC Major)

Select Dog ~ BCKC ~ Breeder/Judge: Mrs. Andrea Braxton Robertson (Accolade) (GC Major)

AOM ~ AKC National Labrador Retriever Club Specialty 2011 ~ Breeder/Judge Mr. Jeffrey Gilmore (Borowick)

Paxton receives an invitation to Crufts

Select Dog ~ WCKC ~ Breeder/Judge: Diane Pilbin (Chucklebrook)

BOS ~ WCKC ~ Judge: Bonnie Linnell Clarke ~ New Grand Champion!

AOM ~Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show 2012 ~ Breeder/Judge: Barbara Gilchrist (Blackthorn)

RWD ~ Club Du Labrador of Quebec 2012 (Canadian Regional Specialty) ~ Breeder/Judge Mary Cox (Lenches)

Mary Cox' critique for Paxton:

"2nd Pucketts Super Charged- Res Winners dog
nice head with kind expression, nice type, good front, bone & feet, good spring of ribs, short coupled, strong hind quarters, good coat & tail, needs to carry less weight, moved & showed well. I was pleased to award him Res Winners dog."

WD ~ Association Canine De La Mauricie 2012 (Canadian Labrador Booster) - Mr. Jean-Louis-Blais (Chablais, Canada) New Can. Champion

AOM ~ Labrador Retriever Club of Canada National Specialty 2012 - Breeder/Judge Linda Harvey Major (Linjor)

Linda Harvey Major's critique for Paxton:

This male had the most typical of heads with a melting expression, everything was in the right place throughout, he painted the loveliest of pictures with his clean outline and super angulation, balanced, with rounded quarters and plenty of substance, on the move he power off and kept his drive."

AOM ~ Pioneer Valley LRC 2012 - Breeder/Judge: Lori Bentine (Tremont)

SD ~ Pioneer Valley LRC 2012 - Breeder/Judge: Trudy Rose (Talimar)

BOSS ~ Eastern Ontario Lab Breeders Assoc. 2012 (Canadian Specialty) - Breeder/Judge: Claire Senfield (Allegheny)

Clare Senfields critique for Paxton:

BOS  # 495  Ch. Pucketts Super Charged. Another terrific Labrador, very similar in type to my BOB.  Lots of substance, without being overdone.  He too was in great coat, with a lovely otter tail, well set on and carried correctly.  Good head and kind expression. Clean through the neck, with nice depth of brisket and spring of rib.   Moved out well.

BOSS ~ Eastern Ontario Lab Breeders Assoc. 2012 (Canadian Specialty) - Breeder/Judge: Joanne Wick Fernall (Devonsleigh, Canada)

AOM ~ Jersey Skylands LRC 2012- Breeder/Judge: Mrs. Patricia Lanctot (Ebony Lane, Canada)

AOM ~ Pawcatuck River LRC 2012- Breeder/Judge: Mrs. Vonnie Russell (Hyspire)

SD ~ Iroquois LRC 2012- Breeder/Judge: Mrs. Cheryl Curtis (Erinhill)

"Made the cut" LRC Potomac 2013 Breeder/Judge Jackie Mischou (Caer Bren)

JAM ~ Pioneer Valley LRC 2013 Breeder/Judge Linda Vaughn (Simerdown)

SD ~ Pioneer Valley LRC 2013 Breeder/Judge Linda Bednarski (Tullamore)

BISS ~  Labrador Owners Club 2013 (Canadian Specialty) - Breeder/Judge: Ms. Valerie Walters (Ranbourne)

Valerie Walters critique for Paxton:

#058 - A handsome black boy, very masculine and not overdone, wonderful head with a soft expression, nice eye shape and color,
displayed a wonderful temperament, good length of neck flowing into correct shoulders, level topline, good tailset, in good coat, good
bone, moved with drive and effortlessly down & back and around the ring, a dog to be proud of. It was nice to know that he is the sire
of my Winners Dog & Best of Winners.

SD ~  Labrador Owners Club 2013 (Canadian Specialty) - Breeder/Judge: Ms. Pierry McLean (Castlegar)

AOM - LRC Greater Boston Breeder/Judge: Marion Lyons (Chocorua)

SD ~ Jersey Skylands LRC - Breeder/Judge: Ms. Lisa Weiss


BISS LOC 2013 ~Canadian Specialty Show~


AOM LRC National Specialty 2011


WD/BOW/BOS - EOLBA - Open Black Dog ~Canadian Specialty Show~


Photo at 3.5 years


Potomac 2010, 2nd Place Open Black Dog



WD/BOW/BOB out of the Open Black Dog Class (5 point major) at Pioneer Valley LRC - New American Champion




above photo at 23 months, 2nd Major under breeder/judge Wendy McNaughton



above photos at 16 months - Potomac 2009, 12-18 black dog 1st place


Above Photo at 20 months (and out of coat), Jersey Skylands LRC Specialty RWD



Above photos at 10 months with Shannon Layman