Our feelings on early spay/neuter

We feel very strongly about the importance of spaying and neutering all pets.

However, we also urge you to be cautious when choosing the appropriate age to have this life changing procedure done.

In fact, our guarantee is only valid if your pet is not spayed or neutered prior to the age of 12 months.

We feel that the consequences of doing this surgery earlier than 12 months are so substantial that we cannot in good conscience, guarantee that your pet will grow properly and remain free from hip and/or elbow dysplasia.

Here are four very good articles explaining why we feel this way.

I encourage you to read all 4 articles for a better understanding of the growth process and potential consequences of altering your puppy too early.

Of course it is ultimately your decision when to alter your pet and while we won't stand in your way, this will make your orthopedic and health guarantee null and void.

I want you to have to the healthiest, best looking Labrador you possibly can and this is why I encourage spaying and neutering at appropriate ages!


Click on these links to read supporting articles:



Long Term Health Risks of Early Spay/Neuter